The star map as a gift

Your place and your time. Get a personalized, beautiful, and memorable sky poster.

A meaningful wedding gift

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"On this day, under these stars, we joined our lives."

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As featured in The Guardian Christmas Gift Guide

A truly personal and original astronomy present

Choose a place and a time, and get a photographic quality constellations chart with a beautiful rendition of the stars and planets as they were over that special place, at that special moment. Accurate for any date between 1900 and 2100.

What you'll get

Either we print the star chart for you and ship it free of charge (US and Canada only), or you print the high-resolution file at a nearby photographic printer (recommended if you are in a hurry.)

  1. Our most convenient option: we print the large sky poster (20x27") in high-quality photographic paper with archival inks, and ship it to you for only $94.95 with free shipping. The size is standard, so you'll find it easy to purchase a frame. You will also get three high-resolution printable files. Please note: only available if you live in the USA, Canada, or Europe.
  2. Our most popular option: get three high-resolution printable files, optimized for printing at 20x27" (50x70cm), 16x20" (40x50cm) and letter size. You'll get them within minutes of your purchase, for only $34.95. And you'll be able to print them close to home.

The perfect gift for anniversaries —the night you fell in love, the day you got married.

Great as a newborn's keepsake present, showing the first sky over the child.


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"The product quality meets my expectation and makes a very special anniversary gift."

"Just wanted to say that amazingly we got the star map print yesterday on my husband's birthday! He loved it of course. Thank you so much for such a speedy turnaround—will definitely recommend you to friends."

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Make the star map even more memorable with a special note.


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Keep the sky as it was

We'll create high-quality JPG universe image files with the map of the sky as seen from a given place and time. For example, the sky as it was when you met each other. The sky as it was when your daughter was born.

It is an original and very personal astronomy gift and a way to store forever a memorable event. Seize the opportunity: Valentine's day, anniversaries, new born babies, weddings, company presents...


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Not all days are the same. Neither are their nights. Some are worth remembering because something special happened. The sky as it was at that moment will be the best reminder.

"Gorgeous and so perfect for a gift! THANK YOU for your great customer service as well! Highly recommend buying from Greater Skies!"

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Three high-definition images

You get three high-definition star map image files, each optimized to be printed at a different size: from large poster to letter.

We'll compute your sky charts for you as soon as you order them, and you'll be able to download them within minutes.

If you want, we'll also print the sky chart with photo quality and send it to you.


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Personalize the constellations map

You get to choose the place from which the sky is seen, and the date and time. You can also add a caption, something like The sky as it was seen from Barcelona on that special day (don't worry: we'll generate it for you if you don't want to personalize the star map). And you can write a personal message, that will be shown below the caption under the constellation chart.


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"What a great idea! Print is really neat and special to us on our wedding day. Arrived very quickly, with awesome service and attention to detail. Much appreciated."

What our customers are saying

But isn't this like any other star chart?


No it is not. Really. Do take a look at the samples, explore and zoom in. The programs to produce star charts are not even close to this level of detail. They cannot produce high-quality posters. Also, Greaterskies Universe posters are beautiful.


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Opportunities for special stars gifts

We are delighted to see how our customers have been using personalized space posters!

A personalized wedding gift, a constellations map that reflects how the sky was over the wedding will be a timeless reminder.

A Mother's day personalized gift, or any other day you wish to celebrate motherhood.

Graduation day, how was the sky over your graduation ceremony?.

Religious festivities, the Baptism of a child, Christmas, New Year's eve.

Valentine's day. This is a huge one: we are delighted that so many people have been giving the stars as a token of love.

The science behind the star posters

All the stars up to magnitude 7 that were visible are plotted, with an approximation of their actual colors and with an area corresponding to their magnitude. This is usually between 7000 and 8000 stars. Planets, moon and sun are also shown, as well as constellations and star names.

I wrote the program that computes the positions of stars and planets, and that generates the map, in Common Lisp —a programming language invented back in 1958 and that I rather enjoy using—, and the celestial coordinates come from the HYG database. Over the last years I have worked in optimizing the renderization of the map, striving to make it both accurate and beautiful.

For this is not a normal star chart, intended just to show where major stars are located: every tiny dot in your map corresponds to a star that was actually there. The positions are accurate for dates between around 1900 and 2100; we still haven't implemented the extra computation to produce accurate star charts beyond these dates.


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